Belly Dance Advice To Keep Life Balanced

Finding Your Inner Belly Dance Goddess Part III: Projecting the Goddess Image, inner goddess, inner beauty

Part I started the assessment, Part II discovered your beauty, and now, let's show the world.

In ancient times, women were revered as creators of life, and goddesses were worshiped in exchange for fertility and bounteous crops. Belly dance was sometimes a part of these spiritual rituals, performed by women and in the company of women. Whereas modern mainstream society tends to view belly dance as a seductive art, those who use dance as a way to connect to their inner goddess know otherwise. It is actually a powerful tool to strengthen, empower, inspire and balance.


In part one and two of this series, you've learned a few ways in which you can find and connect to your inner goddess. If you've put them into practice, you should be feeling more empowered by the powerful femininity within. Now it's time to strengthen the connection through projecting your goddess image to the world.


A goddess is beautiful, both inside and out. We've spoken on inner beauty –it's now time to embrace our external beauty as well. While we can take steps to improve our physical appearance (through exercise, dress and grooming), a key component of external beauty is acceptance. Projecting a goddess image does not mean presenting perfection. It means enhancing your best features while accepting and embracing the physical quirks that make you unique. If you have beautiful curves, worship them. If you have freckles, flaunt them. If you have mesmerizing eyes, enhance them. If you have "interesting" feet, love them.


A goddess is strong and powerful. After your self-assessment, you know what makes you feel powerful, and you can play upon that strength. You know what you are proud of and what you most regret, and you can further your achievements while making amends for past mistakes. You've connected with your inner goddess, and you feel confident and empowered. Project this strong goddess image through your attitudes and actions at home, at the office and within the dance.


Few things in this world wield power equal to that of a beautiful, confident woman. Connect to your inner goddess and project her image to the world. You may be surprised by the amazing, positive results you will experience within your belly dance and other parts of your life.


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