Belly Dance Advice To Keep Life Balanced

Belly Dancers: Make More Time for YOU

Belly dancers love to practice and love to perform. But when the costume is off and the makeup is removed, it’s back to the normality of everyday life. Whether you are a partner, parent, student or a professional, life goes on.

It’s not always easy juggling commitments, let alone taking ’time out’ to look after ourselves. There always seems to be something in the day more important to accomplish. Truth be told, everyone needs a part of their day that is just for them. So even if you can’t imagine pressing pause on your busy life for one second, read the following tips to see how easy it really is., relationship advice, time out, belly dance1.       Put it down on paper. Whether it is something on your mind or a list of things to do, jot it down. This declutters your mind and gives you one less thing to think about or remember. It is also a good way to keep you organised. Instead of trying to think of what items you need to pick up at the store, or what time that doctors appointment is next week, you have already got it recorded on paper. Techniques such as this give your brain some well needed rest and relaxation time.

2.       Meet up with a friend for a quick coffee, phone your sister, or read your kids a bedtime story. Being sociable is a good time-out method where you don’t have to dwell on everyday pressures. It is also a good way to keep those relationships strong, and to fill you head with happy memories rather than frazzled ones.

3.       Think about your nutrition and lifestyle. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and don’t have too many late nights. Just curling up in bed nice and early with a good book is a perfect time-out in the evening. Especially as when you wake up, you will feel refreshed, energised and ready to face the day.

4.       Say NO! Whatever usual obligations you already have established, there is no need to add to your workload. When somebody asks you for a favor here and there, consider if you are really happy about it. If it will put more strain on you, say no without feeling guilty. You will be giving yourself a time-out by simply not overburdening yourself. If the person who asked you is a true friend, they will understand. If not, you should take a look at the people you surround yourself with. You need to be around positive, headstrong people who will continually make you feel uplifted.

5.       Stop. Meditate. It does not even have to last long; just five minutes will be enough to slow down your body and mind. If meditation is not your preferred method of finding inner-peace, perhaps pour yourself a hot bubble bath or go to the beach to feel at one with nature.

6.       Spend just ten to twenty minutes a day doing something you love! Whether taking a brisk walk, listening to music or doing some belly dancing. Just changing your activity will make you feel more serene, and short breaks are actually proven to make people more productive overall.

There are many ways to take a ’time-out’ during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is essential that everybody finds their own technique to increase their energy, clear their mind and enjoy the benefits of a better well-being.