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Breaking Beads Under A Moroccan Moon - 2nd Place Ultimate Belly Dance Diva Story

By: NJ belly dancer, producer, entertainment booking agency and Anthropologist, Soraya


I was flown to Casablanca, Morocco as an invited guest of his Majesty King Hassan to belly dance at the palace in a gorgeous gala event.


I love performing in some very beautiful and unique Middle Eastern events, concerts, shows, gala's, weddings and parties but this one really stands out and was an amazing opportunity getting to dance for Royalty at their home in Morocco.


They chose me after seeing my work on a concert video with an Arabic singer. I was told they loved my artistic presentation, costume and total look. It was so flattering. ;)


The challenge was going on little sleep yet having to be vigilant and at the top of my game as a performer. When packing for this gig, I had to be so organized as I was going to spend two weeks over there.


The previously booked party I danced in the night prior to my departure was for a special Middle Eastern family and I did not want to dissapoint them. They did NOT want me to "sub" it out. I was committed to performing for this client and leave for Morocco early in the morning out of NY.


Their halfa went into the wee hours of the morning. I didn't get much sleep before leaving the US for Morocco....I was so excited that adrenaline pretty much took over and I successfully overrode the exhaustion.


When I landed on Moroccan soil, distinguished men in suits were waiting for me. They grabbed my bags and efficiently whisked me from aeroport Mohamed 5 to the palace. I was appointed professional body guards for my stay. I felt extremely safe and cared for. The Moroccan people are so kind and hospitable. Upon my arrival to the palace, I remember very tight security and armed guards escorting my limo. No photos were permitted inside the palace.


Before getting into makeup and costume, I had a nice rehearsal period with the maestro and his big band. I was astonished by their professionalism. At that very moment, I felt like Fifi Abdo. Respect.


The orchestra that played for me was unbelievable and one of the best. It was huge with lots of drummers, violin players, accordion and more. They played all of my music beautifully and perfectly. Their percussive accents, Egyptian and Lebanese melodies were spot on.


When my show commenced, I met the King himself and his Royal family. They were all smiles and said they loved what I created. After my show, they treated me to a delicious Moroccan dinner complete with the best mint tea I ever had....Under the Moroccan moon.


Next to personally working with Egyptian uberstar singer Amr Diab, this show definitely ranks up there in my belly dancing career. The jet lag was intense but worth it.


After sleeping for what felt like was an entire day, I was taken shopping. My personal driver took me everywhere including different Souks. What an exotic experience. I still wear and cherish my unique 24 carat gold Moroccan third eye necklace I bought while working there. It has become my special good luck amulet. I still remember the store where I discovered it. I loved getting to see the beloved Hassan 2 Mosque in all it's ancient glory. The craftsmanship was unreal.


It was a magical experience for me. I was treated incredibly well and had an amazing time... Happy DIVA shimmies to all!


 Much love and hip drops, Soraya <3 Soraya's Mid-East Dance and Music Productions (International Entertainment Agency) Margate, NJ and Gladwyne, PA Soraya's Motto: "Dreams DO Come True"


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