Anthea (Kawakib) - Fredericksburg, Virginia
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In my 50's, semi-retired (no more restaurant gigging) but still going strong teaching and performing with my PRISM Dancers in Virginia USA! - My website has info on my Classes, DVDs, Bellydance music CDs, Articles and Booklets. - My blog about Egyptian-dance based group improv Tribal Odyssey: - My blog about bellydancing after hip replacement: Learn more about me from here.


I found HipMix on Facebook! I also enjoy following Dilara and Kaitlyn on Twitter.

Hip Travels   Favorites

I'm not a big travel fan - I prefer staying home. A couple of weeks camping at Pennsic every year is plenty of traveling for me.


My current "favorites" are the horses I ride at White Buffalo Horse Farm (Orange VA): Phoenix, a chestnut gelding; Missy and Reecie, both bay Thoroughbreds off the track; and the lovely mare, Black Velvet.

Instrument(s): keyboard, percussion

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Dance style(s): Oriental, Tribal Group Improv (Tribal Odyssey)

Anthea (Kawakib)'s enjoyed over 20 years as a full-time professional dancer and instructor. She's recognized for her warm, elegant style and instinctive interpretation of the music in rhythm and movement. A featured (house) dancer at D.C.'s Marrakesh restaurant for 15 years, Anthea also appeared in professional theatre productions, the media, and numerous Mid-eastern supper clubs in the D.C. metro area. Her talent for rhythmic expression is reflected in her signature "Finger Cymbal Solos", one of which can be seen on "Lifting The Veil of Time" (Solo on Youtube; DVD available from
Regular weekly classes since 1988. Curriculum includes diverse bellydance styles, rhythms, music interpretation, composition, choreography, solo improvisation and tribal improvisation. Finger cymbals are standard, and students are also taught dancing with veil, cane, sword, candles. This holistic approach to teaching encourages students to explore their abilities to the fullest, developing an inner strength that enriches their lives even outside the classroom.
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