Jamila Johari - Dallas, Texas
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Professional Belly Dance Entertainer   My love of all forms of dance. Especially belly dancing.
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I've been to Paris (France and Texas), China, Bora Bora, the Dominican, all hot tourist spots in Mexico. London, Germany, Spain, Cairo and Morocco are on the list.   So many that's for sure. Off the top of my head Jillina and Zoe Jakes.
Dance style(s): American Caberet

Winner of the Queen of Raks Sharki 2006 competition, Jamila Johari captivates audiences, performing with swords, flaming candles, finger cymbals and veils. One of the most enchanting belly dancers in Texas, Jamila has trained with other award-winning, belly dancers. Jamila entertains often at private functions, weddings and cultural events; she invites you to experience her perform and be swept away to another, mysterious world, through the movements of belly dance.
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