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Love my kids, love to travel, love good company, the 80"s. I look for the details in everything while others look at the big picture, still trying to figure out which is better. I'm not a belly dancer but I love to research the culture and people as well as help support a great community.


Started working with years ago and fell in love with the flow. One thing always leads to something bigger and better so everyday is just a testamony to how great life is.

Hip Travels   Favorites

All around the US, favs...New York City, Bitter Root Valley Montana, Wyoming, Hill Country Texas. Look forward to travelling with the Team as we follow our dreams.


Love to travel and stay at home...go figure. Good friends, who last. Comfort food.

I love this culture...I've learned so much in the past years researching, meeting people and learning about this great network of musicians, dancers and artists. Its really HIP.
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