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My name is Kevin Kess. I have been a fan of Bellydance since the age of 14. I wasn't sure what it was that drew me into it, but ever since I first saw it being performed, I became hooked. Since then, I have wanted to learn much about this beautiful artform and the people that created the community around it.

I have also been a fan of animated cartoons and video games since I was first exposed to both at the age of 2. To this day, my love for all 3 arts has grown to the point that I have decided to pursue a career in both the video game industry and the animation industry.

As for my dreams regarding Bellydance, my penultimate wish/dream is: to create a film and TV production company where this art-form can given much more exposure within the worlds of film, television, music, and other facets of the entertainment industry with the intent to bring widespread recognition to bellydancers and their work while ensuring that the members of said community will be *"treated with honor as classy, elegant, tasteful, and respectable in the most honest, cultural, creative, and artistic aspect possible."

This dream and its mission has since been expanded to the voice acting industry. Although, the purpose remains the same.

*Many thanks to Soraya El-Khouby for providing this quote as we both share the same idea.
  My love and appreciation for the art of bellydance and a willingness to learn more about its culture to have a better understanding of it and to be able to make new friends with those in the bellydance community.
Hip Travels   Favorites
I've been to California, Florida, Paris, France, the Bahamas, and New York so far. There's so many places that I'd like to travel to that it would take too long to name them all.   Animated Cartoons (American-produced as well as those made in Japan and from any country), Video Games, Comics, Traveling and of course, Bellydance.
I was first exposed to the art of bellydance through the use of performance and exercise DVDs. I was curious to know what this new form of dance is all about. Then, I had my chance to see a live performance on my 16th and 17th birthday celebrations. What I would like to do is continually learn more about it starting from where it began to its current status as a form of art and what can be done for it to be considered as both a noble artform and a profession.
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Soraya International Arabic Belly DancerDilara SultanAmani MaharetAiza

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