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Mahin is a professional performer and instructor based in Phoenix, AZ and the author of the internationally published "Daily Bellydance Quickies". She combines her background in exercise science and biomechanics with her experience in Middle Eastern dance to bring together the best of art and science in her teaching. Music moves the body like the wind blows the leaves... it's "In the ears, out the hips!"   I've been dancing since age 3. This combined with a life-long fascination for anything far-away and exotic led me to this inevitable path. 14 years later, I still find that there are endlessly more regional styles and approaches to explore.
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Now booking workshops for 2012-2013 - contact me for information on sponsoring. Plans for East Coast workshops in July/Aug. 2012 are underway!   Inspired by the style of the Egyptian greats, particularly Souhair Zaki and Nadia Hamdi, the dedication of Aisha Ali and Morocco and the vision on Yasmina Ramzy and Arabesque Dance Co.
Dance style(s): Egyptian Cabaret & Folkloric

Middle Eastern dance performer, instructor and event producer. Artistic director of Zahr Jamil Middle Eastern Dance Co. and Baraem Jamila Student Troupe. Author of the "Daily Bellydance Quickies" emails!
Instructor for workshops nationwide, private lessons, and group classes in the Phoenix area. Weekly classes are small for individual attention and feedback. Mahin has 12 years of professional experience in Egyptian cabaret and folkloric styles as well as Khaleegy/Raks Nasha'at dance. Specialties include zills, improvisational skills, Saidi (cane) and drum solo improvisation. Mahin is available to travel for workshop teaching. Mahin has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise & Wellness and can work with students that have prior injuries and conditions to dance safely.
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