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No matter what mood I am in, belly dancing can express it. When I perform I feel fulfilled, and I experience a euphoria, and the more the crowd cheers and claps, the more energy and passion my performance is filled with, and I cant get enough, I crave it. I work by day as a Chemical Engineer (Thats my hobby, lol), Dancing has always been my life.

I am a Portuguese South African
  My mom

My mom took her first trip to Egypt on holiday and fell in love with the art form, returned and found a teacher, Phyllis Riebeck, who she started dancing with. After my mom had been doing belly dancing classes for about 6 years I decided to join her and add belly dancing to the list of dancing forms I was already doing, and since then I haven't slowed down.
Hip Travels   Favorites
Favourite Places: Definitely Egypt, Thailand, and Seychelles.

Belly Dancing has taken me to: Belgium, Egypt, Seychelles, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Angola, Portugal

I dream to tour South America
  Favourites? I love Dancing martial arts, Fast Cars, Chocolate, Travelling, my Fiance, my Pets and Music

Favourite Music - Leilat Hob

Favourite Style - Egyptian

Favourite Prop - Sword

Favourite Performance - Too many to mention

Favourite Belly Dancer - Too many to mention

Favourite Outfit - The ones my mom makes
Dance style(s): Belly Dance (and Tap, Modern, Freestyle, Hip Hop, LAtin American)

I am here is entertain you! I had first started dancing at the age of 4, Dancing forms including Tap, Modern, Latin, Freestyle and Hip hop and Belly Dancing. I found to have a talent and passion for this dance form and found a love and fulfillment in performing it. I have been on stage since the age of 5 so I am a born performer as many have said. It has been impossible to stop, I belly danced my way through High school, and studying Chemical Engineering which I have just graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2007, and I'm not stopping dancing any time soon! I have been performing proffessionally since 1999, having the pleasure of performing for various people, of different races, cultures, ages, financial well-beings, and social hierarchies and performing for various high profile clients including embassies, diplomats, Saudi royalty, and top corporate companies. I have appeared belly dancing on various TV shows including "Tony Saunderson, Chuckle and Chat Show" In 1999 onSABC 3 (South Africa) "Contacto Africa Do Sul" In 2000 on RTPi (International) "Mamepe" In 2002 on SABC 2 (South Africa) "Pasela" In 2002 on SABC 2 (South Africa) "Contacto Africa Do Sul" In 2003 on RTPi (All over the World) "As dois por tres" show In 2004 on SIC tv (Portugal) "Ola Portugal" show In 2004 on TVi (Portugal) "Show me the Mommy" In 2005 onMNET (South Africa) "Wildroom on YO TV" In 2005 on SABC 2 (South Africa) "Talk with Nolleen" In 2005 onSABC 3 (South Africa) "Fiesta" in feature on "LusitoLand" In 2009 onKyknet (South Africa) "Music Moves Me" In 2011 on SABC 2 (South Africa) I have appeared in various news papers and magazines, including: - A cover feature done on her in "Noticia Magazine" South Africa - "O Seculo de Joanesburgo" Portuguese Newspaper 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 - Beeld Newspaper, and Citizen Newspapers. I am part of the "Dancers of the Sheikhs", the belly dancers of the Sheikhs Palace Restaurant, I am also a resident dancer to, and has been resident to various restaurants including "Platia" at Emperors Casino, "Cantare" at Monte Casino, "O' Patio" "TSG" Fourways, various Ocean Baskets, and many more. (All based in South Arica) I am the creative Producer of and Performer in "Cairo To Cuba Extravi-Dance" produced by "Samoka Entertainment", recruiting the Performers, and Choreographing the Belly Dancing and group items of the show. FORMAL BELLY DANCE TRAINING: Belly Dancing Academy of South Africa, Phyllis Riebeck. 1997-1999 Jewels of the Nile Dance Company, Charlotte 1999 - 2000 Attended workshops in South Africa by Liza Laziza in October 2007, and workshops by Tamalyn Dallal in June 2008. Attended Nile Group Belly dancing Festival in Cairo, Egypt - November 2007 Attended Workshops: Tito - Classical Oriental, Khaled Mahmoud - Cheeky Shaabi, Leyla - Egyptian Technique, Nesma - Oriental, Asmahan - Table Solo and Muscle control, Faruk Mustafa - Oriental, Liza Laziza - Saiidi, Nour - Classical Oriental, Zahra - Shimmy Technique and Baladi style, Aida Nour - Fellahi & Baladi, Sameh El Dessouk - Traditional Ghawazee, Ehab Atia - Oriental Jazz Attended workshops with Belly Dance Tribal Superstars Sharon Kihara and Sherry Wheatley in October 2009 Attended Belly/Bollywood workshop with Astrid on Oriental Fusion Dance Company in April 2010. Attended various Workshops by Aziza & Karim Nagi in South Africa, presented by Goddess Divine in March 2011
Currently Teach Belly Dancing at Diana Moore Dance World, Germiston, Johannesburg - South Africa. Position : Belly Dancing Teacher Duration : May 2005 to Present Been Teaching Belly Dancing Privately since 2003 I have taught and developed my own professional group of Belly Dancers, The "Hizi Hizi Belly Dance Troupe" The Group Consists of Julia, Nataley, Courtney, Melissa, and Jessica, who all have been training with me for several years. The members have various other forms of previous dancing training including Latin American, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Modern dance, Ballet and Spanish Dancing collectively. The group was officially formed in 2010 under the name of "Hizi Hizi" but the members have been performing together for several years, featuring in the TV program "Music Moves "on SABC 2. The Troupe are now the Belly Dancing Troupe of Samoka's "Cairo To Cuba Extravi-Dance" about to go for its 3rd Season running,
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