Viviane Bressan - Austin, Texas
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A deep desire to connect more with dancers.
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I was born in Brazil and have been in Texas for the past 9 years. Having studied Anthropology, to travel and be surrounded by different cultures is what I think life should be about. I've been to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, United States, France, Spain, Japan and Korea.


My heart belong to Egyptian dancer and I love all the amazing dancer I was lucky to learn from: Mahmoud Reda, Faridah Fahmi, Fifi Abdo, Raqia Hassan, Aida Nour, Dr. Mo Gedawi...but I also love the modern dancers such as Randa Kamel.

Dance style(s): Egyptian Style + Brazilian influence

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My main dance philosophy is to incorporate all my training to my teaching. I am a detailed oriented person and like to treat my students on a personal level. Each dancer is different, and only that way we can see her personality flourish through her dance.
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