Xi'Balba - Lubbock, Texas
Meet Xi'Balba   How I came to Hipness
Xi'Balba is the founder of Lost Fire Tribal and enjoys getting together with her troupe of four to dance. She has been dancing since 2009 in the Tribal Fusion genre but has been known to dabble in other styles as well. She believes being a well rounded dancer gives a great foundation.

Her main focus is more of the Dark Fusion area, but enjoys genres such as ATS, ITS, SGI, Tribal Fusion, and some traditional.
  Xi'Balba came into belly dance through Sharon Kihara's Tribal Belly Dance Conditioning and Drills DVD back in 2009. She then picked up Rachel Brice's Belly Dance Arm and Posture DVD and fell in love with her performance section. She then vowed to become more immersed in the belly dance community.

She also attended a camp called Tribal Dance Camp with Amy Sigil as the headliner in 2012. She went for the community and fell in love instantly with Amy and her never-ending energy for dance. Amy really taught her to dance for the dance and not to achieve other's approval or impression and since then she has turned a complete 180 with how she teaches and presents herself to audiences and students.
Hip Travels   Favorites
Xi'Balba has traveled from Las Cruces, NM to Ingram, TX to perform and attend workshops. Cities included are:
Lubbock, TX
Amarillo, TX
San Angelo, TX
Ingram, TX
Las Cruces, NM
Fort Worth/Dallas, TX
Odessa, TX
  Amy Sigil
Amy Amore'
Lacey Sanchez
Rachel Brice
Zoe Jakes
Kami Liddle
Black Sheep Belly Dance
Dance style(s): Tribal Fusion

Located in Lubbock, TX, Xi'Balba is the lead instructor of Lost Fire Tribal. She is a dedicated dancer and strives for quality workmanship in all of her students and classes. Xi'Balba looks for quality teachers through research to improve herself and her students alike.
Xi'Balba has five years of training in the Tribal Fusion style of belly dance. She runs Lost Fire Tribal with three other lovely ladies and makes sure that every student leaves feeling accomplished, challenged, and excited to come to the next class. Xi'Balba pursues Texas for the best teachers to improve herself and her studio. Her workshop teachers include: Amy Amore', Amy Sigil of Unmata, Ashley Lopez of Datura Co., Bahaia of Austin, "Mama Fusion" herself Jill Parker, Kajira Djoumahna of Black Sheep Belly Dance, Lacey Sanchez, Michelle Manx of Austin, Nephri, Obsidia, The Storm Troupers, and the amazing Z-Helene over the course of 2011 to 2014. Xi'Balba looks forward to 2015's Tribal Massive to take the Intermediate/Advanced week long intensive.
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