Julia Benson-Slaughter - Marietta, Georgia
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Lampwork glass artist, computer science professor, blogger, cat lover and rescue volunteer, technogeek, webmistress, bookbinder, bellydance student; sharing my life with my husband and three cats. Find my art at Copper Dancer Designs or soon at HipMix.net!   Found on Twitter searching for bellydance-related Twitterers to follow
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I tend to stay close to home most of the time, but would someday like to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland.   Favorite music: nearly anything with rhythm and melody.
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite cause: animal rescue
Favorite color: blue
Dance style(s): Traditional cabaret and folkloric-style bellydance, but wanting to try tribal-style as well.

I have been studying bellydance since summer 2009, after being dragged to a walk-in workout class at our local studio by a friend. We were both looking for some form of exercise that would be fun as well as friendly to larger middle-aged women. It took no time at all for me to realize that this was what I'd been searching for. I dance for the joy of it, treasure the friends that bellydance has brought me, and perform in the occasional studio show or hafla.
Bellydance lover and student
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