Gina Gonzalez Schanel - Tucson, Arizona
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Currently I'm a traveling bellydancer/mom. My little family and I have started 2012 in FL and in the summer will be moving to OR. I look forward to meeting as many bellydancers as I can on the way and reporting back to everyone on my blog. Come with me on this ride!   All it took was one look and I instantly connected to this hipness. I witnessed beautiful dancers perform a strong, feminine, fierce yet graceful and controlled performance. I was in love!
Hip Travels   Favorites
I'm in West Palm Beach, FL temporarily. In June I move onto OR. So right now I'm trying to get the most out of all the beauty FL has to offer.
I just recently left Tucson, AZ and very much enjoyed traveling to the beaches in Mexico. I'll definitely miss that. One of my favorite places to travel to and explore is Italy, I can't wait to go back. Of course like every lover of Egyptian dance, I look forward to going to Cairo one day. So many places, so little time!
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Dance style(s): Near East: Egyptian, Regional/Folk & American, Fusion

I am a Raks Sharki performer and instructor.I love to share my knowledge of this beautiful dance with others. My years of experience on stages small and large, with group performances to solo work, from weddings to Hollywood extravaganzas and in the studio has helped me make this dance form approachable and friendlier to the western student.I have studied with well known bellydance master instructors such as Gypsy Caravan, Suhaila Salimpour, Jamila Salimpour, Rashid to name a few.My students benefit from my background and certification in bodywork and fitness training knowing they will receive safe and level appropriate instruction. I have helped students of all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced get more out of their lessons, their music and themselves. I have enjoyed performing for the Middle Eastern community as well as audiences that are not as familiar with bellydance.
Please see Dancer description. I am currently traveling and am available for workshops and online lessons.
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