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Raks A'Diva is an international award winning dance company - 2011 Troupe Champions from the Belly Dancer USA Competition and 2011 Troupe Champions from Yaa Halla Y'all Competition, and 2009 Troupe Champions from the 36th Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant. All Raks A'Diva dancers are professional soloists and participate in Belly Dance showcases around the US.

  Raks A'Diva troupe members made the commitment to be the very best we could be, and we set our sites on seriously competing. We're a family and a very hard working one at that. Our troupe members often spent 6+ hours every week practice, plus attending classes or performing as soloists. We set a goal of re-inventing ourselves each year so that we can learn new skills and grow as dancers. We also have a strict rule that we must have fun in the process --sometime we have to remind ourselves about that one a lot !!
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Dance style(s): American Cabaret

RAKS A'DIVA DANCERS: TABITHA has a degree in Dance Arts, and is an award winning belly dancer and acclaimed teacher with over twelve years of experience. LE'ANA is a world class musician, and played with the Russian State Orchestra. She has been belly dancing for about five years, and is sought after belly dance instructor. FATINAH is a member of the California Bar Association, and a talented litigator who specializes in Employment Law. She has been belly dancing for about four years, and draws from her background in hip- hop and modern dance. IMAN is a Marketing Executive for an international company. She is also a multi-award winning belly dancer , and co-director of the Raks A'Diva Dance company. MAJAH is a registered nurse. She is an award-winning belly dancer, and has been dancing for the past five years ZAMON has a background in dance, and has been trained in tap, ballet, hula and gymnastics. Zamon is an award-winning dancer, and co-director of the Raks A' Diva Dance company.
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