Jennifer Tripp Sa'Nah - Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Besides dancing, I am an animal lover (ask me about my furry "kids"!), love to cook and craft and have 2 adorable nephews who I love shopping for and whose pictures adorn my home!   About a year after getting married and moving to a new state where I knew no one, I wanted to find some activity to get me moving and help me meet some new people. I heard about a belly dance class at a local art center and after the first class I fell in love with it! Having been a dancer all my life I missed having that outlet of creativity. Dancing and teaching are a way of life for me now and I love the art, skill, glamour and fun of belly dance
Hip Travels   Favorites
I would like to visit Europe and Egypt. I would love to go back to Japan. I lived there for a couple of months when I was 11 because my Dad was working there. Really loved the totally different culture and atmosphere, and would love to go back and see my old neighborhood and appreciate it as an adult.

San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington. Went there for my honeymoon and loved it!
St. Joseph, Michigan - lake resort town that is totally idyllic and beautiful. Fly into Chicago then drive up, and stop at some local wineries on the way - wonderful way to spend a long weekend.
  Hmm, favorites in anything or just belly dance related?

Dancer: Princess Farhana
Dance song: Bombay Dreams (title song from Broadway musical "Bombay Dreams")

When it comes to favorite movies, music, TV, etc. - there is no way to pinpoint a single favorite! I like movies that make laugh, music that makes me want to move, and anything that does NOT qualify as "reality" TV. (I have a deep aversion to trashy, low class drama queens famous for nothing, with no skills, talent, or actual jobs)
Dance style(s): Egyptian Cabaret

I have been in dance training since the age of 5, with a background in ballet, tap and jazz. I began belly dancing in 2001, eventually becoming director of Desert Fire Dance Troupe. We are the oldest middle eastern dance troupe in Northwest Arkansas, with our emphasis being Egyptian Cabaret. I have always loved being on stage and dressing up in sparkles and makeup (I used to wear my ballet and tap dance costumes and gaudy costume jewelry to ride my bike in my neighborhood as a child!). Belly dance has taught me to appreciate my body, no matter what media or society says should be "acceptable", and I hope to pass that same confidence and appreciation on to my students.
As a teacher, I strive to always make dance class fun and enjoyable and something that students look forward to. I don't worry about rigid formality, and try to always point out the positives and encourage my students. I love when a student finally "gets" something they have been practicing and you see it in their eyes. Teaching has made me a better dancer and I have discovered how much I enjoy introducing others to my art form.
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