Leyla Zahar Belly Dance - San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Leyla Zahar, Bellydance artist from Puerto Rico, Lebanon Family, Director of the First Belly Dance school in Puerto Rico. International Top Puerto Rico Oriental dance Instructor & choreographer.(Belly dancer of the year 1999 CA//Miss America of the Bellydance2000 CA-1er.place//Queen of Raks Sahrki 2005 TX 3er.place) Shows and Workshops in Spain, Mexico, United States, Taipei, Vietnam, Guatemala, St.Thomas, St.Martin, Dominican Republic, among others Private coaching/group classes certification and Workshops technique and Choreograph â�� All levels & styles (including Folk-Traditional- Classic Oriental-Tribal & Gypsy) Samba, Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Latin Bellydance and Hawaiian. All props instructions, Producer of instructional video/DVD in Spanish, Middle Eastern Dancer Director of Troupe Zahar's Dancers (Group of the year 2001 CA) Raks Habibi Ensemble &-Aloha Hawaiian/Tahitian dancers.   The variety of articles and information that have about dance and its affiliates
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** I have visited** Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Taipei, Panama, Turkey, Canada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, California, Salt Lake City, Chicago, North Carolina, Dallas, New York, Miami. **I want to visit someday** Paris, Roma, Monaco, Japan, Thailand, Chile, Brazil, Greece, Australia.   Dancing, to Dance & to Dance, to read a good book, to share with friends and family and of course to Travel!
Dance style(s): Classical Raks Sharki, Tribal, Folkloric

She is one of the most sought after dancers in Puerto Rico, appearing regularly at everything from private parties, conventions, theater, music, Arab restaurants and corporate events. In their presentations Leyla Zahar fascinates everyone around him with their expressions, feeling the music, their interpretation of the music and catch the body language Traveling constantly, she regularly teaches national and international workshops, Leyla Zahar has taught and performed on 5 continents.
Supplement your technique training with specialty class or workshops that offer students a space to explore historical & contextual aspects of bellydance while refining a variety of performance skills. Specialty classes & workshops include technique drill & bellydance fitness, dancing with props (veil, sword, zills, etc), rhythm based dance combinations, folkloric dance, Choreography theory and more. Whether you are looking for a creative addition to your fitness goals, enjoy dancing as a recreational hobby, like dancing as a holistic practice or aspire to perform in one of our student ensemble showcase shows or are serious about training for a professional career in bellydance (performing or teaching), we have classes and a track of learning made just for you!
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