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Born in Taiwan; grew up in Texas; lived in London and New Zealand; spent time in Tokyo, Paris, Lebanon, Cairo, Switzerland, Italy, and Istanbul... I love to travel. Can you tell?   Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Mira Betz, Amani, Jill Parker, Saiida, Mardi Love, Sabaya Bellydance Collective, Hannah Mi, Darbucka Lounge in London, Melek Bar in Istanbul, New Zealand, Ahmet Ogren, Burhan Ocal... and so many more. Thank you all for your inspirations!
Having taught belly dance workshops in Paris, London, Tokyo, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Texas, and having studied the dance all over the world, Lily continues to share her knowledge through private classes, weekly classes, and workshops. Lily is Level 2 Certified in the Suhaila Salimpour Format and is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Lily offers classes and workshops in Tribal Fusion style bellydance and various topics pertaining to bellydance.
Dance style(s): Raks Sharqi, Oriental, Tribal Fusion, Modern Interpretive

Born in Taiwan, Lily grew up in the multi-cultural city of Houston, Texas with a strong Persian influence from a close family friend. She began studying Middle Eastern dance in Austin, Texas and quickily sought out instructors all over the US and abroad. Lily continues her dance education with many distinguished dancers. Although Lily started dance lessons at a very young age, she grew up studying music and playing classical instruments like the piano, flute, bassoon, and percussion. Lily's unique style is a reflection of her understanding of rhythm, music composition, and dance movement. She is known for her artistry as well as her precise technique and dynamic stage presence. In 2003, Lily relocated from Austin to central London, where she met Hannah and formed the first tribal fusion belly dance group in London, TribalKinesis. While living in London, Lily studied bellydance intensively with Serena Ramzy and traveled throughout Europe and Asia. In 2007, after living in New Zealand for about a year, Lily returned to Austin, Texas, where she is a member of the Sabaya Bellydance Collective. Lily's performance experience ranges from festivals, nightclubs, large stage productions, haflahs, to family parties.

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