Melinda Coleman - Huntsville, Texas
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I'm a mom of 4 who has been dancing since I was about 3. I love dancing for the fun of it. These days I'm mostly making costumes but would love to get back to dancing just for my own benefit.   Facebook link brought me here...looked interesting so thought I'd stay.Hehe.
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Places I've been to...well, technically I've been to all of the states in the US except for Alaska. My favorites are Colorado, Georgia, Oregon and some parts of Texas. I was very young when visiting Hawaii so wouldn't mind visiting there again.I'd love to have the chance to see the British Isles, Australia, and a few other countries overseas, but don't see that happening anytime soon.For now I'll settle for getting my kids to see the US.  

I have been dancing since my mom brought me to her YMCA dance class when I was 3 years old. I started teaching when I was about 17 or so and enjoy that more than i ever liked doing performance (unless it was for charity). I haven't taught or danced much since my oldest was born but would like to get together with anyone who's interested. I'm willing to teach but would be just as happy with just dancing for the health benefits and fun of it all. These days I'm mostly concentrating my efforts on making costumes.
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