Penny Kojak - Macon, Georgia
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Crazy cat lady. Junior spinster. Budding curmudgeon. Certified misanthrope. Optimistic cynic.

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Dance style(s): Egyptian, Cabaret

Total amateur. Started taking bellydance fitness classes in 2008 and repeated the same six-week class over several times until finding a regular instructor at the beginning of 2009. She then shipped off to California in 2010 leaving me to take off on my own. So, right now, I'm a student who finds her instruction in everything but a regular weekly class. I rarely perform because I just find it depressing. I try again every so often with the same results. (See definition of insanity.) Some how, I have totally missed that moment that dancers keep talking about where they get on the stage and never want to leave. Until that time, I take solace in knowing that, if I must perform, I can do it drunk and not even Morocco can tell. Aside from actually performing, I really do love to dance. (Weird, I know.)
Semi-professional --- in that I do some photography for work but my main job is as a graphic designer. Mostly shoot friends and family nowadays and as I am spending more time at work art directing.
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