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I've come a long way since playing guitar in a suburban high school garage band. Every twist and turn along that path has been worth the effort for me. To now find people who enjoy hearing my work as much as I enjoy making it is a thrill I'll never forget.   My girlfriend was a belly dancer while I was doing session guitar and flute work for a friend's recordings several years ago. Since I was a musician and already listening to a bit of middle eastern music on my own, her teacher loaned me her Darbuka to try out some percussion classes. Though I never became a great drummer by any stretch, it has definitely led to some other amazing musical avenues! Not to mention a world of music/dance collaboration that I'd been missing out on with rock music!
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Madrid, Spain changed my life. I visited there in high school and the guitar I bought there is still my most beloved instrument, even if I don't play it as much as I used to. Even the well worn copy of "Flamenco Facil" that came with it is still brought out and thumbed through every so often.Some day I'd like to travel to Egypt and study Ney over endless cups of coffee. Or to Armenia to learn the real spirit of the Duduk from those who've carried its legacy for thousands of years.   Acoustic local music played on the traditional instruments of the area is always my first choice. This is a bonus to the contemporary and classical music I enjoy listening to as well, providing context to World Beat and World Fusion that makes it even richer.
Instrument(s): Ney, Guitar, Duduk, Sitar, flutes, percussion, keyboards

Ron Perovich is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist and independent recording artist currently living near Dallas, Texas. His musical style is often a fusion of traditional sounds from the middle east, Europe and India along with occasional western pop, rock and electronica. In 2007 he began creating music for the American belly dance community and much of his recent recordings have reflected this concentration. Although he frequently guests with other performers for live performances or as a session artist, he does not actively tour in support of his own albums due to all instruments usually being played by himself on the recordings.
I can only be born into one culture, but I can live in as many as I can find. I enjoy traditional music from around the world as well as the exciting ways it blends with and reflects the modern, familiar pop and classical music I live among.
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