Sakura Tribal - Wigan, United Kingdom
Meet Sakura Tribal   How I came to Hipness
Based in the UK we are committed Tribal style dancers. Whilst we dance tribally inspired choreography with our teacher and class we also dance improvised tribal style together in our own troupe, Sakura Tribal, and with Tribe of Leodis, and improvisational project set up by our teacher, Chris Ogden - where we dance to live music.
We are also craftaholics - particularly Sarah! whilst Cayte is Pantaloon Queen and hoards great lengths of fabric like some colour-onsessed magpie, Sarah loves to crochet, knit and art journal - and can be found in the 'Gingerbread Bunny' pages on Facebook where she shows off some of her wares!
  Well - if we're talking bellydance in general, it was a choice between that and salsa at our local college. Cayte really really fancied the bellydance and so that won out - and the great obsession started!
Now if we're talking about this site, we can't really remember - presumably through a link on a blog we were reading or a link on Facebook. either way it's fabulous!
Hip Travels   Favorites
Last year we were lucky enough to visit - and fall in love with - Portland, Oregon. We had an amazing time dancing, shopping in the Saturday Market and just chilling, and it's our dream to get back there!   Dancewise we like lots of stuff, but our real passion is for improvised tribal style. Some of our big favourites are Gypsy caravan, Gypsy Heart, Les Soeurs Tribales ... oh and lots more! You'lll have to visit our blog toi find out more!
Dance style(s): Improvised Tribal Style

Sakura Tribal are an Improvised Tribal Style troupe from North West England. They draw much of their inspiration from the style of Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan.
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