Crystal Phillips - McMinnville, Oregon
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Dance style(s): Cabaret; Classical Egyptian; Mixed

Many, many years of experience in belly dancing (more than 38 now): performing professionally and teaching from age 15. I am improvisational, though am quite capable of choreography when necessary. I also have jazz, disco, gymnastics, (multiple style) exercise, and corporation fitness consultant background. I was 1st Place Advanced Catagory World Championship Belly Dancer in 1975 and 1st Place Professional Catagory World Championship Belly Dancer in 1976. My style is unique and broad- based. I enjoy dancing and hope to bring that joy to my audiences. No longer seeking "Diva" status, I am free to enjoy all that belly dance has to offer and to share that with evryone!!
I teach every level of dancer, from Beginners (Novice) through Masters. I teach Private, Group and Workshops. I have an extremely large belly dance "vocabulary" (meaning, I have well over 2,500 movements and always expanding on those). I have a backgound in physiology and take that very seriously. I can present belly dancing in its simplicity (as one would do in a very short 1 hour class) or I can teach belly dancing while also teaching proper body usuage (which does take more time). I prefer longer classes (min of 1 1/2 hours... preferrably 2 hours and sometimes longer). I feel this way the true movement impact can be covered. For dancers who like lots of variety from a class... no problem. For those who want to drill a move until they "own" it entirely... no problem. And everything in between. My all time favorite thing as a teacher (and I really LOVE all teaching)... is to watch a dancer FIND HER OWN STYLE!! When the light comes on in her eyes as she realizes she suddenly knows "who she is" as her own dancer, .... there is nothing so gratifying!!!
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