Tina Kapp - Pretoria, South Africa
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I was born to missionary parents in Hong Kong, travelled around Asia and did my schooling in Japan. I started performing in charity shows when I was young and performed in a children's TV series. I started choreographing when I was 14 and started my own Bollywood group in Uganda which became very well known and was a great way to support our charity projects. I started learning Belly Dance from friends and other dancers and attended workshops and classes. In South Africa I perform and teach Belly Dancing and Bollywood. I absolutely LOVE it!
You can see more about my dancing and charity projects I workwith at:
www.orientalfire.net and www.familycaresa.com
  Shakira, The Belly Dance Superstars and friends. :)
Hip Travels   Favorites
I loved Japan, Australia, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Reunion Islands, Mexico and Dubai, I would love to go to Egypt, Turkey, Paris, Venice and Rome.   Ansuya, Sonia, Bozenka
Dance style(s): Turkish, Cabaret, Fusion, Bollywood

Tina is a captivating performer. She looks completely at home on the stage, coming from a musical theatre background, she adds depth of character to her dance styles. Fun and playful and focuses on muscle control and loves the dramatic. Her favorites are floorwork and drum solos.
Tina loves giving students the chance to realise their potential. Most students start out feeling like they have no rhythm and aren't coordinated. Helping them get past that and letting them discover joy in dancing is very fulfilling. She lets students move at their own pace some advancing quickly others taking as much time as they need. Dance class should be supportive, good exercise and above all FUN!
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